Liquichiller SA was launched in 1982 and has served the Plastic converting industry in South Africa for over 30 years, Peter Artz, a single Member with more than 34 years experience in the field of refrigeration.

He has always remain front-runners to research and utilize the latest in design, technology, process and product to provide prime quality equipment and services to our customers in South Africa and many other countries. Our greatest strengths have, always, been our commitment and focus over the specific product line and providing tailor-made solutions, specifically for each process cooling requirement.



We are South Africa’s largest Process Chiller Manufacturers, we are the pioneers in completely factory assembled and pre-commissioned Chillers

Liquichiller offers a range of chillers and mould heaters from off the shelf to integrated customized systems. These systems have carefully selected components, requiring them to be off the highest quality.

Our improved system reliability enables us to make adjustments / repairs to the equipment before any loss of production time is incurred. Our standard systems are used in a variety of applications e.g. Film extrusion, Blow moulding, hydraulic cooling, continuous welders, chemical industries and medical industries. Our latest design was to suit the ever-growing beverage industry.