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The Chillers come in all shapes, sizes and types to meet a variety of industrial needs. The chillers are made with air as well as water-cooled condensers. Chillers typically come as complete packaged, including the chiller unit, condenser, and pump. All the components are globally sourced from Copeland, Danfoss, Alco, Sporlan, Bitzer, Carrier, Siemens, among others.

Water Cooled Chillers:

Water is the most commonly used coolant within process chillers, although coolant mixtures (mostly water with a coolant additive to enhance heat dissipation) are frequently employed.

Air Cooled Chillers:

Air-cooled chillers use ambient air to dissipate process heat and are recommended for use when plant water supplies are not readily accessible, not plentiful or contaminated.

Modular Chillers:

Modular chillers are a new type of portable chiller where it is possible to remove, service or replace individual components without shutting down the balance of the system – all in the space of a few hours.

Back Up / After Sales Service

Our 24hour service / repair department are experienced in installations, repairs, and services on anything from water-cooled chiller plants to commercial fridges and freezers. Should you encounter a problem, our service professionals respond quickly to evaluate and correct.


We offer three types of heat exchangers. Each design offers its own unique advantages for particular applications.

  1. Brazed Heat Exchangers

    are a collection of plates, vacuum brazed together with no gaskets, reducing leakage. They are compact, lightweight and have a high turbulent flow, which also reduces deposit build-up and maintenance. They are available in Plate configurations and Chevron Patterns to suit your needs.

  2. Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

    are composed of stainless steel straight or u-tubes in a carbon steel shell, are easy to clean and inspect, very durable, and are a simple solution for tube expansion. Their coil and baffle arrangement maximizes heat transfer performance. The rugged and reliable shell and tube heat exchanger is perfect for process systems where conditions and materials are often extremely corrosive and abrasive.

  3. Shell And Coil Heat Exchangers

    are composed of circular layers of helically corrugated tubes within a light compact shell. They are high efficiency machines with a vertical installation, flexible design and low maintenance. If space is limited, these heat exchangers could be the perfect solution for you.

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